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Traditional and contemporary celtic jewellery and ring designs from several of the best and most exclusive Scottish designers.

Celtic Pendants
A wonderful range of Celtic pendant designs, handcrafted in scotland with beautiful knotwork patterns and traditonal Celtic motifs.
Celtic Earrings
A fabulous collection of Celtic earrings, with attractive interlacing knot patterns and a variety of other classic designs such as the triscal.  
Celtic Brooches
A beautiful selection of Celtic brooches, handcrafted in Scotland, with delightful knotwork designs, many decorated with gemstones.
Celtic Bracelets
An exciting range of celtic knotwork bracelets made in silver or gold and some set with attractive gemstones.
Celtic Bangles
Magnificent celtic bangles made in sterling silver or gold, decorated with fascinating knot designs.
Celtic Necklaces
A splendid collection of celtic necklets and necklaces, with simply beautiful, traditional knotworks.
Celtic Beads
These striking celtic beads really make a statement and will fit on most branded bead bracelets.
Celtic Charms
A lovely selection of celtic charms, which are handcrafted in Scotland, with appealing traditional designs.
Celtic Jewellery Sets
Celtic jewellery sets are an ideal choice, many ladies love matching pieces to complete an outfit.
Celtic Rings
An exceptional range of celtic knot rings, hand made in a choice of precious metals, including sterling silver, yellow or white gold, platinum & palladium by Scotland's finest jewellery designers.

Spinning Celtic Rings
These spinning rings, also known as fiddle rings are a great choice. The central knot design can spin around the band, without irritating the skin as with turning normal rings.

Celtic jewellery is inspired by the history and artwork of ancient celtic cultures, we offer a wide variety of hand-crafted celtic jewellery and rings from Ortak and Sheila Fleet who make their jewellery in the Scottish Orkney Islands and Wallace Hunter who are also based in Scotland. All our celtic designers are based in the UK. 

Our collections include, bracelets, bangles, brooches, pendants, necklaces and earrings made in sterling silver, gold or white gold and celtic rings crafted in a wide variety of metals including gold, platinum, titanium, zirconium and silver. 

Most of the celtic jewelry is suitable for women, however the celtic rings are unisex, suitable for men or ladies and we also have Scottish and Celtic cufflinks and kiltpins for men. You may also be interested in our Scottish Jewellery category or the contemporary Scottish Jewellery from our designers Ortak
and Sheila Fleet