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Sterling Silver Ant Cufflinks Sterling Silver Japanese Fish Pendant Oxidized Silver Fly Cufflinks - Chris Hawkins
Sterling Silver Bone Designer Mens Ring Sterling Silver Scorpion Cufflinks Sterling Silver & 18ct Ant Ring
Silver Shark Tooth Designer Pendant Sterling Silver Stag Antler Pendant Sterling Silver Stingray Cufflinks
Sterling Silver Fish Head and Tail Cufflinks Sterling Silver Shard Ring Silver Shard Designer Cufflinks
Sterling Silver Beetle Pendant Sterling Silver Scorpion Pendant Sterling Silver Saurian Cufflinks
This is an exceptional collection of hand made, mens, designer jewellery from Chris Hawkins.

We have found during our search for exciting mens jewellery designers, that a lot of jewellery for men is too similar. Recurring themes are rectangles and circles with lines through them etc. It is hard to understand, why the designs from so many suppliers, are so unimaginative and boring. Surely, if men wish to adorn themselves with jewellery, then, like ladies, they would want something that makes a statement and expresses something of their character.

Luckily we have found Chris Hawkins who is one of Britain's foremost designers of hand made, men's jewellery. His work is innovative and fascinating and he primarily takes the inspiration for his designs from nature, with fabulous designs including, stag antlers, fish cufflinks, bones, shark teeth, serpent heads, crows heads etc. The pieces are expertly crafted, with Chris's trademark flair, primarily from sterling silver, with some designs also available in gold, particularly his ring designs. Chris is a highly trained jeweller, with twenty years experience in jewellery design and making, his jewellery is hand crafted in his workshop, a converted 19th century coach house in Brighton.