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Designer Jewellery

Exquisite and exclusive designer jewellery handcrafted by some of the
world’s finest designers, including collections from Scotland, England, Italy,
Spain, America, Israel etc. with pendants, earrings, bracelets, bangles,
brooches and rings in sterling silver or gold.

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Designer Jewellery

About our designers

Sheila Fleet Jewellery - a beautiful selection of contemporary jewellery, hand-crafted in the Scottish Orkney Islands. Many of Sheila's pieces incorporate stunning enamel work which is hand-painted and most pieces are available made in sterling silver or gold. Sheila makes both traditional Scottish, Celtic and contemporary designs.

Ortak Designer Jewellery - one of Scotland's best known designers. Ortak make their jewellery in the Orkney Islands of Scotland, using traditional crafting techniques passed down over generations. The collection includes fabulous sterling silver and gold jewellery, with Scottish and Celtic designs as well as contemporary ranges.

Mark Milton Jewellery - We are delighted to offer the new Pepper Pink collection of gold designer jewellery, from Mark Milton. This collection features exquisitely crafted gold and diamond pieces as well as gold jewellery set with precious and semi-precious gemstones, including sapphire, emerald, ruby, aquamarine, blue topaz, amethyst, smoky quartz etc.

Nikki Lissoni - A captivating collection of coin pendants from Nikki Lissoni, crafted from stainless steel, plated with sterling silver, gold or rose gold. The coins are interchangeable in the pendants to create a variety of fashionable necklaces for a low price.

Antica Murrina - Venetian glass jewellery, hand crafted using traditional glass making methods, on the Island of Murano. Every piece is completely unique as the beads are hand blown. The collection has exciting vibrant colours.

Nurit Levak Jewellery - Stunning designs, hand made in Israel. Nurit's jewellery is enhanced by wonderful texturing and many of her pieces are set with precious and semi precious gemstones and diamonds. Nurit's work has a unique, organic style.

Diamonfire - a dazzling new collection of sterling silver & zirconias jewellery. Each Diamonfire stone is cut and faceted like a diamond and comes with a unique certificate. This magnificent collection is made from sterling silver which has been multi-plated with platinum, palladium and rhodium for a bright white, durable finish.

Celtic Jewellery by Mithril - Beautiful Celtic designs handmade in Glasgow, Scotland, by designer Russel Dougal Caldwell, his exceptional designs are inspired by traditional Celtic artwork.

Tamir Zuman - an israeli designer who offer an exquisite range of hand-made jewellery in sterling silver. The collection includes earring, bracelets, pendants, necklaces and rings, many pieces are set with gemstones including garnet, opaline, pearl and amethyst. Tamir's jewellery offers something a bit different to traditional British jewellery designs.

Aviv - This is a spectacular range of jewellery from this wonderful Israeli designer. Each jewellery piece is expertly hand crafted in sterling silver and many of the designs are set with eye-catching gemstones, particularly opaline, garnet and cultured freshwater pearls. Truly unique and memorable, contemporary designs

Banyan - A sensational collection of unique contemporary designs hand-crafted in sterling silver many incorporating gold and gemstones including pearls, garnets, opaline and amethyst.

Marco Bicego - one of the world's top designers and a frequent winner of many prestigious jewellery design awards. Bicego jewellery is hand-made in Italy and hand-engraved, pieces are crafted from 18ct gold or 18ct white gold

Hagit Gorali - renowned for their fabulous and innovative designs, which are made in sterling silver and gold, many of the designs incorporating beautiful gemstones, such as cultured freshwater pearls or opaline

Daniel Vior - one of Spain's hottest designers. This fashionable collection includes incredibly detailed hand-enamelled sterling silver pieces, with vibrant colours and bold designs.

Shirley Paris - an award winning Scottish designer. Her distinctive contemporary designer jewellery collection, makes wonderful use of flowing lines and organic motifs.

Leon - A spectacular designer from Israel, specialising in 14ct & 18ct hand made gold jewellery, set with diamonds. Their designs are eye-catching pieces that really make a statement.

Chris Hawkins - An outstanding designer of handcrafted mens jewellery, his designs are inspired by nature and offer something a bit different from the usual.

Ogham Jewellery search all over the world to find the finest jewellery designers, most of our designer jewellery is hand-crafted by small exclusive designers and family jewellery businesses because we believe that most people want to be different and jewellery should be an expression of one's individuality rather than something mass produced.

Our designers are passionate about their work and each one has something uniquely beautiful to offer from the hand-blown venetian murano glass of Antica Murrina and stylish Italian design of Marco Bicego to the contemporary hand-enamel work of Spanish designer Daniel Vior or the captivating Israeli designs of Tamir Zuman, Aviv and Banyan. We also have magnificent silver and gold designer jewellery from Scotland from Ortak and Sheila Fleet who offer both traditional and contemporary collections.

Enjoy browsing our unique designer collections, we are here to help, contact us by phone or email if you require any further information or advice about our jewellery.