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Silver and Enamel Drop Earrings EE417 Silver and Enamel Drop Earrings EE419 Silver and Enamel Drop Earrings EE421
Silver and Enamel Stud Earrings EE418 Silver And Enamel Ortak Pendant EP294 Silver And Enamel Ortak Pendant EP295
Silver and Enamel Earth Stud Earrings EE194 Ortak Siver Netune Pendant -ORTCP360 Ortak Siver Pendant P1020
Ortak Siver Pendant P1053 Ortak Sterling Siver Pendant OCP2 Ortak Siver Pendant -DP100
Ortak Sterling Silver Earrings -ORTCE424 9ct Gold Runic Ring with Two 9ct White Gold Side Rings - R235 9ct Yellow Gold Runic Ring With Two Silver Rings - R234

Ortak Designer Jewellery

Ogham Jewellery is proud to present our large range of Ortak Scottish Jewellery which includes both traditional and contemporary collections.

The success of Ortak Jewellery is based upon its principles that include modern design, outstanding quality, advanced craftsmanship and real value for money. From the traditional skills, passed down over years until the modern skills of the silversmith, Ortak Jewellery produces superb jewellery which is globally renowned.

The designers of Ortak jewellery took advantage of today's technological innovation and it’s constant research not only for fashion’s sake but for the history as well that lies within every piece to create wonderful gold and silver pieces of art.

Ortak Jewellery was established and continues to make jewellery in the Scottish Orkney Islands. With the expertise of craftsmen and designers, together with today's technological innovation, Ortak has created a range of wonderful jewellery that attracts a variety of customers from around the world. Enjoy browsing our Ortak Designer jewellery collection and get to own you own piece of Scottish jewellery art.