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The designer jewellery in this category is from Sheila Fleet's contemporary collections. We also have more Sheila Fleet jewellery in our Scottish Jewellery and Celtic Jewellery categories
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Sheila Fleet Silver & Enamel Flagstone Pendant EPX137 Sheila Fleet Silver & Enamel Flagstone Pendant  EPO137 Sheila Fleet Silver & Enamel Flagstone Drop Earrings  EEX137
Sheila Fleet Silver & Enamel Flagstone Pendant  ENXX137 Sheila Fleet Silver & Enamel Flagstone  Earrings  EEO137 Sheila Fleet Silver & Enamel Flagstone Brooch EB137
Sheila Fleet Silver & Enamel Flagstone Pendant  EP137 Sheila Fleet Silver And Enamel Necklace-ENX210 Sheila Fleet Creel Pendant -EP210
Sheila Fleet Tidal Treasures Creel Necklace - ENX208 Sheila Fleet Silver Creel Earrings - E0209 Sheila Fleet Silver Birsay Bracelet -BL1
Sheila Fleet Creel Necklace - ENX211 Sheila Fleet Tidal Treasures Creel Bracelet - BL209 Sheila Fleet Creel Earrings - E209

Sheila Fleet Jewellery

For hundreds of years, the unique design and quality of Scottish jewellery has captivated the hearts of collectors all over the world. The exquisite craftsmanship of traditional Scottish designs marks its unique identity in the jewellery industry. Scottish Jewellery has an ageless fashion that reflects the rich and strong history of this northern land.

Discover the beauty of Scottish pieces with Ogham Jewellery as we present Sheila Fleet's Scottish Jewellery collection.

Sheila Fleet is one of the major designer-makers of stunning pieces of jewellery in Scotland. Sheila Fleet Jewellery has gained popularity around the world due to the high quality workmanship and unique designs.

With the love for nature, her special designs show the beauty of nature such as sky, sea and landscape colors. Sheila Fleet's jewellery reflects the spectacular environment as well as the way of life in Orkney, where her jewellery is designed and made by expert craftsmen.

Sheila's jewellery designs are acknowledged as one of a kind collectible Scottish style. Her beautiful designer jewellery collections are greatly influenced by nature reflecting the past and present times of Orkney, Scotland, with both traditional Scottish and Celtic designs as well as contemporary designs often incorporating expert use of enamelling, which is hand-painted onto her jewellery.

Enjoy browsing our Sheila Fleet Scottish Jewellery collection and don’t hesitate to contact us if there is anything we can help with. Happy shopping!