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When the vikings came they left a gift, the gift of runes and Heilagr capture this beautifully with their Viking Runes cufflinks. Handmade from sterling silver, these cufflinks can have up to 3 custom letters on each, just ask which letters you would like. Each cufflink measures 5mm x 5mm x 16mm


Calling all viking descendants, you will love this simple yet stylish Viking Runes pendant from Heilagr. Handmade in sterling silver and finished with a spiga chain, the runes read "ORKNEY" however you can have a custom necklace with up to 8 runes of your choice, just ask. Pendant measures 5mm x 5mm X 38mm


Calling all historians and warriors, Heilagr are going back to their roots with this unique sterling silver band, engraved with the word "ORKNEY" in runes and encased in two silver bands.  Just ask if you would like a custom message on the ring, maximum of 8 letters. Please choose your preferred size from the drop down menu.

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