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Zirconium Rings

A unique collection of zirconium rings and wedding bands for men and ladies. Zirconium is a very popular choice for mens wedding rings because of its light weight, it is also very hard-wearing. The natural black colour of zirconium is very appealing, in some designs it is relieved to a greyish colour similar to titanium, for an interesting two tone black and grey effect. Our collection is made in the UK with a wide variety of plain and patterned designs. We also offer anodised zirconium rings, where an electric current is passed through the rings to produce a variety of unique colours.

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Flat relieved black zirconium ring with edge rails and the engraved words 'love forever' in celtic ogham writing. This ring is available with a matt or polished finish (matt finish pictured) and can be ordered in various widths (5-7mm is most popular for gents depending on the size of the fingers). Zirconium is a non-allergenic metal which is very hard...

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