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Celtic Jewellery Knotworks

Celtic Jewellery Knotworks

Author - Kristine Joy Nerosa


Celtic Jewellery patterns truly possess an extremely classic and ageless charm which extensively inspire one-of-a-kind jewellery designs coming from all forms. Regardless of whether you wish to put a Celtic piece on your fingers, around your neck or dangling from your ears, you'll discover numerous Celtic inspired jewellery pieces.


A lot of jewellery styles from the early Celts hold wonderful relevance. If you want something truly unique and memorable, then Celtic jewellery certainly is the ideal choice. They typically involve elaborate and sophisticated representations and designs and among the list of the most popular intricate patterns are Celtic knots.


Complexity - that's what makes these knot designs both equally stylish and timeless art pieces. Though their significance is concealed in obscurity, the loop patterns are thought to defend against evil spirits or carry perpetuity to the person wearing them. It would undoubtedly be of no surprise that Celtic knot rings are well-liked for engagement and wedding jewellery throughout the world. Also, they are recognized to be an excellent gift idea amongst good friends.


The triscal knot, on the other hand, is essentially the most acknowledged Celtic knot symbol currently. Its three-sided knotwork layout initially symbolized the three stages of the historical pagan goddess life - maiden, mother and crone (old woman). Once the Christians arrived to what has now become Scotland, Ireland and Wales to transform the local pagans, the three sides were taken to stand for Father, Son and Holy Ghost.


With all the amazing, timeless, classiness, together with beautiful historical past, powering Celtic jewellery design, it is undoubtedly a great reason for any individual searching for unique jewellery to settle on Celtic designs over other traditional pieces.


Last Updated 10/05/2013