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Celtic Jewellery - Why Gold is the Ideal Metal

Author - Michael Freedman

Celtic jewellery, is an ideal expression of Scottish and Irish cultural heritage, the interlacing knotwork patterns and symbols such as triscal knots are very attractive and usually based on ancient designs. These designs are timeless and make for wonderful heirlooms, and they are often embellished with gemstones, even the traditional Scottish Cairngorm gemstone which is a type of Smoky Quartz.


Gold is the ideal Jewellery metal of choice, as it lasts a lifetime, the gold from the tomb of Tutankhamun, the Egyptian pharaoh, was still brightly gleaming when it was discovered after lying underground for thousands of years. Gold is also one of the most bright and lustrous metals, whether your choice is rose, white, yellow gold or some of the more unusual colours available nowadays and this brightness and beautiful colour accentuates the fabulous designs of Celtic rings and jewellery.


Elections come and go and the economy goes up and down but the price of gold has increased for years and is very steady just now, which makes it an ideal jewellery metal as it generally retains or increases its value. In fact the increasing price of gold in recent years, was particularly because it was seen as a safe investment in difficult economic times, when just about every other type of investment was losing money. The global recession, combined with the rarity of gold and the increasing demand in emerging economies such as China and India has continually driven up the value of gold. In recent years, the price of platinum, palladium and diamonds have also increased, but nothing, even oil, has seen the kind of rise in value enjoyed by gold.

To the people of china collecting jewellery and little animals made of gold is very popular. The jewellery and gold animals are a good hedge against inflation and they can also enjoy looking at them too. The steady rise of wealth in China, means that people who have never had money before, have disposable income now and they are buying designer goods and expensive jewellery. They follow the rich and famous in magazines and try to emulate them and the more expensive the better as far as they are concerned as it shows off their success and wealth.


For Scottish and Irish people and expats, Gold Celtic Jewellery would be a more suitable choice, it is a great expression of our culture, is ideal for everyday wear, never goes out of fashion and can be handed on to future generations.


Last Updated 14/02/2013