Copy of Copy of European Designers

Stunning designer jewellery, hand-crafted by some of Europe's top designers including murano glass jewellery from Antica Murrina, sophisticated silver and CZ jewellery by Diamonfire, hand-made pieces from Barcelona by Daniel Vior and the exciting coin pendant collections of Quoins and Nikki Lissoni.

Daniel Vior


One of Spain's hottest designers. This fashionable collection includes incredibly detailed hand-enamelled sterling silver pieces, with vibrant colours and bold designs.

Diamonfire Jewellery


a dazzling new collection of sterling silver & zirconias jewellery. Each Diamonfire stone is cut and faceted like a diamond and comes with a unique certificate.



A stunning and fashionable collection of coin pendants from Quoins. Create your own unique look by combining different pendant holders, chains and coins, which are crafted in precious metal plated stainless steel.

Nikki Lissoni


A captivating collection of coin pendants from Nikki Lissoni, crafted from stainless steel, plated with sterling silver, gold or rose gold. The coins are interchangeable in the pendants to create a variety of fashionable necklaces for a low price.

Antica Murrina


Venetian glass jewellery, hand crafted in the traditional way, on the Island of Murano. Every piece has exciting vibrant colours and is completely unique as the beads are hand blown.