Copy of Copy of Scottish Designers

As Ogham are based in Ayr, Scotland we offer a particularly fine selection of jewellery from Scottish designers. Including traditional and contemporary pieces made in the Scottish islands by Ortak, Sheila Fleet and Shetland Jewellery, Celtic designs by Mithril and contemporary styles by Shirley Paris. Scottish jewellery is renowned around the world for the tradition involved in the styles and the production techniques as well as the beautiful designs often inspired by Scottish landscapes and history.

Sheila Fleet


A beautiful selection of contemporary jewellery, hand-crafted in the Scottish Orkney Islands. Many of Sheila's pieces incorporate stunning enamel work which is hand-painted and most designs are available made in sterling silver or gold. Sheila makes both traditional Scottish, Celtic and contemporary designs.



One of Scotland's best known designers. Ortak make their jewellery in the Orkney Islands of Scotland, using traditional crafting techniques passed down over generations. The collection includes fabulous sterling silver and gold jewellery, with Scottish and Celtic designs as well as contemporary ranges.

Shetland Jewellery


Shetland jewellery hand-make designer jewellery in the Shetland Islands of Scotland, with stunning traditional collections including Celtic, Thistle and Rennie Macintosh style designs as well as beautiful contemporary designs, such as the wonderful "Mirrie Dancers" collection, inspired by the Northern Lights.

Mithril Celtic Jewellery


Beautiful Celtic designs handmade in Glasgow, Scotland, by designer Russel Dougal Caldwell, his exceptional designs, inspired by traditional Celtic artwork and history, are expertly crafted in sterling silver.

Cairn - Rennie Mackintosh


"A classic range of traditional Scottish jewellery, with unique styles inspired by the famous Glasgow architect and designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh, including rings, brooches, pendants, bracelets and earrings.

Celina Rupp


Celina Rupp is an exciting new Scottish jewellery designer, her collections are designed and made in Orkney, with contemporary and traditional designs inspired by Scottish themes and the land and sea around Orkney .



Every piece of Heathergems jewellery is unique as they are made from natural Scottish heater, therefore the actual colours in each piece will vary. With traditional pendant, brooch, bangle and earrings designs.

Celtic Art


Celtic Art Jewellery offer a superb range of traditional Celtic jewellery and Scottish themed designs as well as beautiful contemporary styles, hand-made in sterling silver, in the heart of Scotland.



Heilagr are one of our newest Scottish designers, who hand-make wonderful contemporary jewellery in Orkney with interesting and imaginative contemporary designs based on Scottish themes.

Glenna Jewellery


Glenna Jewellery design and hand-make a stunning range of Contemporary jewellery in Scotland. The unique designs are inspired by nature and made in sterling silver, often set with attractive gemstones.

Shirley Paris


An award winning Scottish designer, Shirley's distinctive contemporary designer jewellery collection, makes wonderful use of flowing lines and organic motifs. Every piece is limited edition, with only 100 made in each design.