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All you need to know about Israeli Jewellery

4 min read

All you need to know about Israeli Jewellery

What is Israeli Jewellery? 

Israeli jewellery consists of pieces that are inspired by both Urban and Rural Israel. For example, many designs contain many Israeli influences such as the use of plants, landscapes, religious images, conflict and war, that are narrated in an abstract manner. Israeli jewellers are famous for their reflection of distinctive culture, holy places and amazing country. Popular motifs include the Anemone Coronaria, which is the national flower of Israel, Jerusalem and the Western Wall, as well as other national symbols like the Lion of Judah. 

In the 1930s, Israeli Jewellery trends blended with the Western style, resulting in creative, unique design innovations. Due to immigration from Islamic countries, the exquisite, oriental craftsmanship of the Israeli people was preserved within these designs, whilst at the same time developing a new, refined style that expressed the National identity of Israel. Dedicated to their homeland, Israeli jewellery designers have had a lasting influence on the jewellery industry as a whole, and have begun to become internationally renowned. Today, the contemporary works and elegant feel of Israeli Jewellery is widely circulated in the global jewellery scene, and continues to grow in popularity!


What is gold-filled jewellery?

If you have come across the wondrous works and creations of famous Israeli jewellery designers, then you are likely to have heard the phrase, ‘gold-filled jewellery.’ Many Israeli jewellers today prefer to craft gold-filled pieces, as opposed to selling ones that are made completely from gold. Just like gold-plated jewellery, gold-filled pieces are actually created from non-gold metals that are covered with a substantial layer which is composed of gold. Equally as beautiful, these pieces maintain an excellent customer base due to their affordability, unique structure and great quality. 

Even with the same carat number, this form of Israeli jewellery is comparatively cheaper against its solid gold form. Most gold-filled Israeli pieces are comprised of 10-20 Carat gold, equating to the gold that has been wrapped around the core metal. To explain, if an Israeli piece was of 10 Carats, it simply means that the item consists of an outer layer which is 41.7% of the total metal content, the rest of which is composed of another metal or alloy.


Hagit Jewellery at Ogham Jewellers


Israeli Designers at Ogham Jewellery

Here at Ogham Jewellery, we search all over the world to find the finest international jewellery designers. Most of our designer jewellery is hand-crafted by small, exclusive designers and family businesses, because we believe that jewellery should be a unique expression of one’s individuality, rather than something that is mass produced. All of our Israeli designers are passionate about their work, each one having something uniquely beautiful to offer…


Nurit Levac

Nurit Levac is a wonderfully appealing, Israeli jewellery designer, who crafts pieces that are adorned with captivating organic leaves and flowers, set with attractive opaline, quartz and sparkling cubic zirconias gemstones. Discover Nurit Levac’s exquisite designs at Ogham Jewellery. 


Hagit Gorali 

Israel-born Hagit Gorali is a dreamer vying to produce fascinating, yet wearable, jewellery collections, for people to love and feel by. She believes that inspiration can be found everywhere. She looks for anything that is visually tasteful, from nature’s movements, to a carved stone from historic remains. 

Her artistic designs typically embrace vibrant gemstones and pearls that are set in sterling silver, or even a gold and silver fusion. The 14ct and 18ct gold designs of Hagit Gorali highlight the use of cabochons or faceted gemstones, diamonds and lustrous pearls in an exceptional way, becoming desirable collectors’ items. 

Hagit Gorali’s passion for drawing and sculpture is at the core of her works of art, each piece an extension of her character. She believes that jewellery crafting is a way to convey her emotions, delivering powerful statements that connect to people sentimentally. Shop the Hagit Gorali collection today!


Tamir Zuman

It was during the mid-80s when Israeli jewellery designer, Tamir’s, passion for jewellery design and crafting began. Starting from a small studio, which has since grown to a full size manufacturing facility, his wonderful creations are brought to life in-house. 

From conceptual illustrations, to castings, and then to finish, Tamir draws inspiration from traditional Israeli cultural tastes to iconic symbols. Tamir’s sterling silver jewellery fuses gold elements, gemstones, and one of a kind handmade adornments. Browse our selection of Tamir Zuman Israeli Jewellery at Ogham Jewellery.


Aviv Jewellery 

Aviv Jewellery offers an exquisite collection of hand-crafted designer jewellery, most of which is made in sterling silver, whilst incorporating a variety of beautiful, semi-precious gemstones. 

This is a spectacular range of jewellery from this wonderful Israeli designer, and are truly unique, memorable and eye-catching, contemporary designs. Take a look at Aviv Jewellery's incredible range now!


International Designers at Ogham Jewellers 

Our range of designer jewellery spans far beyond Europe, with beautifully handcrafted, contemporary designs in sterling silver and gold, and exquisite pieces made by all designers. Hagit Gorali, Tamir, Aviv, Annabel and Effy designs offer a vast selection of modern fashion jewellery. Browse all International Jewellers at Ogham Jewellery.

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