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About Ogham

  • Historically there has always been a symbolic connection between love, life and language. The ancient Celtic cultures were aware of this and so they invented the alphabet that we now know as Ogham, inspired by the trees that were central to their lives. In modern times we have come to value the power of symbols as a way of expressing feelings when words are insufficient to convey our emotions For this reason a lovingly given item of jewellery, makes a statement in a language that everyone can relate to. We offer a unique range of designer jewellery for men & ladies, from European & international designers as well as hand-crafted, traditional Scottish & Celtic jewellery. Also, an exceptional selection of eternity, engagement and wedding rings crafted in a range of metals including gold, platinum, palladium and titanium.

  •   Ogham Jewellery, 35 High Street, Ayr, Scotland, KA7 1LU
  •   +44 (0)1292 610800

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