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Hagit Gorali

46 ITEMS  

Israel-born Hagit Gorali is a dreamer vying to produce fascinating yet wearable jewellery collections, for people to love and feel by. She believes inspiration can be found everywhere, anything that is visually tasteful, from nature's movements, to a carved stone from historical remains. 

Her artistic designs, typically embrace vibrant gemstones and pearls set in sterling silver or a gold and silver fusion. The 14ct and 18ct gold designs highlight the use of cabochons or faceted gemstones, diamonds, and lustrous pearls in an exceptional way, and have become desirable collectors’ items.

The Israeli designer's passion for drawing and sculpture is at the core of her jewellery works of art. Every piece is an extension of her character. It's a way of conveying her emotions. The designs deliver powerful statements which connect people sentimentally.