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Celtic Jewellery and Robert Burns

Author - Michael Freedman

Each year when Burns night comes upon us many of us in Scotland and expats all over the world flock to the nearest Burns Night. Robert Burns the immortal Scottish bard is renowned world wide, probably even in distant New Guinea and the likes.

From his address to the Haggis and the toast to the lassies, to Auld Lang Sine his memory lingers within the breast of all Scots wherever they are and a burns supper, poetry and a wee dram of Scottish whiskey warms the cockles of your heart.

Burns Suppers are held in every country and searching the web will let you know where your local one is being held. Some even have a bit of Scottish Country Dancing thrown in as an added bonus, something the Bard would have liked as he was a bit fond of the lasses himself.

Celtic culture wherever it is is something we Scots are proud of and it's always a boon if we can celebrate with a wee dram at the same time. Burns immortal poetry and his love of romance and Scottish culture is now also celebrated in a variety of beautiful jewellery designs, most notably the Robert Burns celtic jewellery collection from Orkney designer Ortak which combine a fascinating celtic knotwork design with a red enamelled rose, in tribute to Burns famous poem “my love is like a red red rose”.


Last Updated 14/02/2013