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No Horsemeat in our Bridle Jewellery

No Horsemeat in our Bridle Jewellery

By Michael Freedman

A recent gallup poll, discovered that the scandal over horsemeat, in produce from major brands, has been found to stirrup a lot of emotion. So our team thought that unlike many of the cowboy traders, who have been as stubborn as a mule about this issue, we should buck the trend, not sit on our moral high horse and wait until it has run its course, after all this problem could be around for donkey’s years.

Neigh, we in the jewellery industry have been too blinkered and sat back furlong enough, it was time to jump to action and champion high quality standards and zero horsemeat in jewellery. There is no use closing the stable door after the horse has bolted, and we must not stall in our efforts or fall off the wagon, sometimes a lidl effort can go a long way.

Hay, we are not just horsing around, we don’t want to be caught napping, as you canner price the safety of our customers. We would be foals to think it couldn’t happen to chaps like us, it could turn into a night mare and knacker our reputations, if we didn’t ensure the situation was in-hand. So we were champing at the bit to rein in and crop any contaminated supplies.

Products from our mane suppliers, were not given a free rein, they had to clear several hurdles, before going on sale, including DN Neigh testing, but its horses for courses, so we were particularly careful in checking groom’s wedding rings, bridle jewellery, stud earrings and all our hoof price items and we have our ears pricked for any other risky products.

We have harnessed our supply chain and ensured our jewellery is made in a stable manner, it was a cinch really. So now you can buy from us with equinimity, it made good horse sense to ensure whinny you findus on the web and add to cart on our website, you will be riding high and won’t pony up and end up saddled with horsemeat in your jewellery, and that comes straight from the horse’s mouth.


Last Updated 16/08/2013