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Scottish and Celtic Ogham Jewellery

Scottish & Celtic Ogham Jewellery

Author - Kristine Joy Nerosa


A remarkable form of writing - that is Ogham. Practiced by the ancient Celts in medieval times, the word Ogham pertains to the specific letters or script which played an essential role in the culture and way of life of the Celtic people. The symbols are undoubtedly powerful. Ogham has become a valued inspiration to jewellery designers and to many, these designs convey wonderful feelings and emotions that paints more than a thousand words.


Ogham functioned as an alphabet, the first of the early Celtic languages. Its beginning is unclear: it could possibly happen to be taken from a sign language. Present-day understanding is that the names of the primary twenty letters also are the names of 20 trees that are holy to the druids.


Ogham inspired jewellery creates a meaning that absolutely everyone appreciates. It is an awesome historic language that is now embraced by many all over the world. The exceptional connection of love, life and language is absolutely phenomenal. Unique and exclusive would be the best way to describe the natural beauty of Scottish Ogham Jewellery.


We offer a huge collection of jewellery pieces relating to the Ogham language and culture with timeless and captivating designs, from Sheila Fleet and Geti and we also plan to launch our own unique collection in the next few months. Jewellery influenced by the extraordinary history of Ogham has surely kept its unfading appeal. The stylishly classic designs keep the wonderful tradition burning. Everlasting pieces which will only grow to be much more recognized and famous with time.


Last Updated 04/06/2013