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Scottish Jewellery Designers

Scottish Jewellery Designers

Author - Kristine Joy Nerosa


Scotland - the home of top quality jewellers and world class design, with some of the world's best goldsmiths with incomparable skills, creating the finest jewellery pieces, which often incorporate famous Scottish emblems, such as the lion rampant, the thistle, celtic knotworks, Edinburgh Castle etc. however, many Scottish designers also offer wonderful contemporary collections.


There are numerous, truly, top notch jewellers throughout the country. You might have heard about Orkney Jewellers, as there are many great designers there, but there are also genuinely, brilliant designers from Aberdeen, Glasgow, Peebles, Tobermory on Mull, Dunblane, North Berwick and Edinburgh etc.. The home for mastering the craft can be found in Glasgow, The Glasgow School of Art, the building of which was designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, one of Scotland's most famous designers and architects.


From an initial pattern concept all the way to producing the perfectly created completed work, students are guided fully. They are granted with freedom to design according to their taste and let the beauty of the produced piece speak for itself. Many graduates from the institution carry on to become thriving and successful designers and jewellery makers.


Not only do Scotland produce top flight designers but also the home of treasures such as precious gemstones like rubies, agates, smokey quartz and fresh water pearls. Each one of these elements are remarkably combined in one of the finest emblems of Scotland, the Honours of Scotland, which is the name given to the Scottish Crown Jewels.


We offer a vast array of jewellery pieces from famous Scottish designers such as Sheila Fleet, Ortak, Wallish Hunter and Mithril Jewellery. These designers are greatly inspired by the landscapes and prosperous history of Scotland. Their works of art are adored across the globe. Their designs are timeless and the pieces are imaginatively crafted to last lifelong.


The beauty of Scottish Jewellery has certainly lived for many years. Scottish designs will eternally be adored not only by Scots but also by people from diverse nations around the world.


Last Updated 10/06/2013