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Antica Murrina


Glass furnaces have been found in Venice since the 8th century. The master glass makers later moved production to the Island of Murano off Venice, to protect their glass-making secrets and the name Murano Glass comes from this Island.

The current day’s raw materials and methods used, for Murano glass jewellery creation have evolved from the hundreds of years old techniques passed from one generation to another. Antica Murrina jewellery shows exceptional style and traditional craftsmanship. Every glass boule is meticulously hand-blown from a Murano glass cane and lamp, making each bead totally unique, made with the experience of a Murano master glassmaker who has crafted each piece as a work of art with outstanding expertise. Antica Murrina combine the perfect combination of age-old craftsmanship with style, artistic quality and innovation making their name highly desirable in the modern world of fashion.