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A Captivating Celtic Collection

July 01, 2019 2 min read

It has been some time since we last posted an update on our blog, and figuring that you may be somewhat spoiled for choice on our website, we have gathered together a collection of some new and interesting celtic designs, alongside some favourites of ours into one, easily accessible post.

1. Heather Gems Celtic Triskele Brooch - Simplicity at it's finest, this gorgeous brooch features a brightly coloured heathergem in the centre of a pewter, silver plated triskele, handcrafted by Heather Gems who are based in Pitlochry, Scotland. In order to make an individual heathergem, heather is dyed and pressed into a block before being cut and polished to provide a unique, brightly coloured gem.

2. Celtic Art Jewellery Islay Celtic Necklet - A beautiful necklet inspired by Scotland's diverse Celtic history, crafted from sterling silver in Scotland by Celtic Art Jewellery, one of our latest designers with a wide range of celtic-inspired jewellery. This necklet features a gorgeous yet simple open celtic design, set with either an amethyst or a smokey quartz stone of your choosing.

3. Geti Zirconium Celtic Ring - Not all celtic designs have to be the same colour - this stunning zirconium ring from Geti is a marvel to behold. Featuring a celtic design that goes all the way round the band, you have the ability to customise the colour of the celtic pattern on the ring from the drop down menus. Interestingly enough, actual colour is not applied to this ring, but instead an electrical current is used to thicken the oxide layer on the ring, and as light passes through it, the oxide layers split into different colours.


4. Shetland Sterling Silver or Gold Celtic Earrings - If you are looking for something intricate for your ears, then these stunning sterling silver earrings are a great addition to any outfit. Handcrafted in the Shetland isles by Shetland Jewellery (who are well known for the Marrie Dancers collection), these earrings come in both sterling silver and gold and feature a large, circular celtic design on each.


 5. Mithril Silver Celtic Brooch - When you are looking for something that will catch some eyes and turn some heads, look no further than this stunningly intricate silver celtic brooch from Mithrill. Handcrafted in Scotland from sterling silver, this brooch features a complex celtic knotwork design that is inspired by the heron and the crane, two birds that were reportedly used by scribes and monks in the 7th century in the Lighted manuscripts, the Book of Kells and Lindisfarne Gospels. Birds have always been revered by celts as they represent the elements of air and water.