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"Jewellery that is designed to look fresh and stylish for years to come." This drives Mithril Jewellery to create timeless designs for Celtic jewellery lovers. They take great pride in their top quality pieces, every single accomplished item is carefully crafted and inspected meticulously.

The designer behind Mithril, who set up the business in 1988, is Russell Dougal Caldwell, he makes earrings, brooches, quaichs, cufflinks, kilt pins and other jewellery pieces, from his workshop in Glasgow, Scotland. Russel was influenced by The Golden Age of Celtic Art and the Art Nouveau movement. He utilises classic hand finishing, crafting techniques.

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An absolutely fantastic pair of Celtic earrings, featuring a timeless design that incorporates a charming Celtic pattern. This unequalled jewellery pair is hand made to perfection in Glasgow, Scotland by Mithril Jewellery. FEATURES Handcrafted in the Scottish Orkney Islands Hallmarked in Scotland Matching pieces available TECHNICAL SPECS Materials - Sterling Silver

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These lovely earrings feature a wonderful Celtic interlacing pattern, wonderfully handcrafted in sterling silver in Glasgow, Scotland by Mithril Jewellery. This knotwork pattern was formerly unusual to the Pictish school of design. Later in life it is found all through the many cultures of Europe. These Celtic interlaced knotwork patterns signifies no beginning and ending. The Celts thought this continuous...

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