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Celtic Jewellery by Ortak

Celtic Jewellery by Ortak

Author - Kristine Joy Nerosa


Setting up the art of jewellery making, where Scottish history is prosperous, Ortak Jewellery truly was swayed by the wonderful Islands of Orkney, where dramatic seas and landscapes connect, and a place where the beautiful Celtic tradition is abundant.


Ortak Jewellery's accomplishment is centered on its early concepts including that of Celts, which continue to carry on to this day. Their classic expertise of silversmithing, passed along through generations, continue to be utilized. Their jewellery designs are inspired by History, through Celtic artistry and artefacts, and the pieces are handmade in Orkney, using traditional jewellery crafting techniques.


Ortak's Celtic Jewellery collection concentrated on sophisticated knot works and spirals patterned on silver earrings, rings, bracelets and even picture frames. Their artwork is even more desirable when enhanced with classic gemstones like opal, black onyx and amethyst.


For 30 years, Ortak has demonstrated that classic jewellery is a lovely gift, that is donned to last lifelong. Designs inspired by history that certainly bring magic to every jewellery piece and can make a lasting impression.


Jewellery designs which integrate Celtic patterns absolutely have become a great inspiration to the designers across the globe. These symbols will permanently mark something special to the brilliant pieces created by expert jewellers throughout the world and the timeless designs are unaffected by the fads of fashion, making them excellent heirlooms to be enjoyed from one generation to the next.


Last Updated 02/05/2013