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Celtic Jewellery by Sheila Fleet

Celtic Jewellery by Sheila Fleet

Author - Kristine Joy Nerosa


Celtic culture undoubtedly inculcated wonderful memories to countless great designers globally. To those who were born and raised in Scotland and Ireland, this rich history has been the medium of inspiration to carry on the passion of designing lovely jewellery.


Scottish artist Sheila Fleet has created unique designs out of her land's vibrant nature, landscape, sea, sky and folklore. Her exceptional vision and brilliant skill to create charming jewellery brought her to the point where the pieces she makes are cherished by many.


Celtic Rings represent eternity, because of the interlacing, unending knotwork designs. For this reason, they are often used as wedding bands by couples. Fleet's lovely Celtic Ring designs are notably tantalising. They can be created in sterling silver, platinum or palladium and 9ct or 18ct gold or white gold. The designs can also be enhanced with stunning diamonds, zirconia and other gemstones.


Regardless of whether Celtic jewellery is offered as a gift or as a wedding band or engagement ring, they still reveal the stylish side of every wearer. Given that they certainly never fade out of style, every person weraing these designs is confident that they will suit any outfit or any occasion.


Celtic then and now truly has remained powerful and strong. Irish and Scottish Jewellery have relished an enormous spring up in their homelands and worldwide. This proud tradition will continue to create timeless pieces that will surely be adored and sought after for hundreds of years.


Last Updated 03/05/2013