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Celtic Jewellery Preserving Cultural Heritage

Celtic Jewellery - Preserving Cultural Heritage

Author - Kristine Joy Nerosa

Behind every jewellery masterpiece, is an exceptionally brilliant sense of humour and at the same time, superb craftsmanship. The expertise is comparable to that of cutting a precious diamond. A few jewellers choose to distinctly design every element, and some recapture the artistic success stemmed from olden days.


For generations, Celtic patterns have been an inspiration to jewellers. The countless mystical knotwork, nature and animal designs we come across these days came from the beginnings of Celts, and forever keep the Scottish and Irish Culture alive.


The designs are everlasting and will eternally echo in the world of jewellery. It's like stepping at a distance from the present and reinterpreting the past, but still looking fabulously fashionable.


Among the famous Celtic symbols is the Celtic Knot. The interlacing traces of the knot stand for no beginning and no ending. A continual endless love. Another, that remains popular in Ireland is the Shamrock which signifies luck. One more well-known symbol is the Celtic Cross which represents culture and faith.


It's delightful to learn that a new era of creative designers are working with the traditional and vintage designs. Whether this jewellery is created out of expensive or low-cost materials, the technique and artistry involved in producing these hand-crafted Celtic pieces , still makes them out of numerous people's reach.


Begin a beautiful love affair with timeless Celtic Jewellery. Always an excellent and timeless addition to your collection, which will attract admiring glances. Whether you're an established collector, a novice or merely fascinated in vintage style, Celtic Jewellery will suit your taste perfectly!


Last Updated 05/04/2013